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To do

What follows is a list of things that should or could be done, and there are many:

  • Find a method to watch Portal/Datamining.
  • Discuss the possibility of founding a non-profit organization for backing the advancement of tag trade.
  • Get more people involved.
  • Add a rough time plan with milestones.
  • Register the IRC channel #tagtrade with Freenode and perhaps set up a bot to connect the IRC and the Jabber chat room.
  • Start playing around with the proposed system, and try to use it, for example, for financing people helping us to build an experimental portal.
  • Mention
    • on Wikipedia once has matured a bit. The links at the bottom of the article on tags could be a candidate.
    • in press releases, once a major achievments have been made.
  • Perhaps add links on OtherSystems to the following systems:
    • javaworld (or similar): They use a virtual currency.
  • Investigate work concerning "Reputationssysteme" (rating systems and similar) done by Philipp Obreiter:
  • Investigate wheter there are applications in the mobile market.
  • Investigate whether it makes sense to offer a user interface on to arbitrary mailing lists (and perhaps also news groups). People could use this interface to easily write and submit properly tagged messages and to browse mailing lists. An alternative would be to get in contact with the Gmane folks. Perhaps one should open a task concerning adding tagging functionality to their site.
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