Open tasks

IDURLMin. payMax. payTrade typeStatus
1news:87fyih2zf4.wl%felix.klee@inka.de20 EUR30 EURfrstclsd
2news:87k66viuhg.wl%felix.klee@inka.de30 EUR40 EURfrstopen

Note that, at the moment, the above table is being maintained manually. It is planned to soon have it be generated automatically using data from a tag database.


  • ID: ID internal to the database. It soon may be possible to click on an ID to see more information about the corresponding task.
  • URL: Where the task has been found. Click on the URL to get to an archive of the task.
  • Min. pay, Max. pay: Amount of pledged money, as of today.
  • Trade type:
    • frst: The person who submits the first solution, gets the pay. The quality of a solution should not be disputed, as long as it meets the objectives of the task.
    • auct: The person who submits the best solution gets the pay. What solution is best is decided by the person who submitted the task.
    The person who submitted a task decides when it has been solved (frst) or what is the best solution (auct). All participants who pledged money have to obey his decision.
  • Status:
    • open: The task is open.
    • clsd: The task has been closed, either because time ran out or because someone submitted a solution that was accepted by the person who submitted the task.
    • revk: The task has been revoked. This information may not yet have propagated to all task databases on the Internet!
    • inpr: In progress, i.e. someone is currently working on accomplishing the task. It may nevertheless be a good idea to start working on the task, either because one has a chance of finishing before that someone (trade type "frst"), or because one may provide a better solution than that someone (trade type "auct").

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