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To do

What follows is a list of things that should or could be done:

  • Specify the initial structure of the planned backend database.
  • Set up the backend database, possibly using PostgreSQL.
  • Improve the looks of the Portal.
  • Improve the TagTrade logos (to be done by someone having experience with proper selection of fonts).
  • Make it possible to include TROFF code into wiki pages and have it rendered by TROFF. This is useful when writing RFC style documents.
  • Perhaps it makes more sense to reference messages in the archive by their X-trade URN. OTOH, referencing them using already accepted URNs or by using URLs may make more sense, if the document archive is supposed to be used for messages adhering to different types of tag trade specifications.
  • Try out PMwiki's dynamic wiki trails.
  • Write a tool for updating $some_group.RecentChanges and Site.AllRecentChanges. This is necessary because these pages frequently show wrong information after files have been synched from a mirror of the copy.
  • Install automatic backup solution to another server on the net, maybe based on boxbackup.
  • If possible, make wiki pages that allow password login be served via SSL.
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