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Back end

Proposal for components comprising the backend of

  • A tag database containing information extracted from tags.
  • A mailing list parser. Proposal for implementation: Public mailing lists are subscribed to the email address Every email that is sent to this address is forwarded to an engine that parses it for tags and sorts information from these tags into the database.
  • A news group parser. Proposal for implementation: News groups are fed into Every messages received is parsed similarly for tags, and the resulting information is stored in the database.
  • A web forum parser. To get this working smoothly, the web fora in question must support some kind of interface allowing automatic parsing of new messages. If such an interface is not generally available, then one could use a web search engine to do the data mining on the fora.
  • A web paser. Proposal for implementation: Run the peer to peer based search engine YaCy on this server and copy information about tags from its internal database into the tag database.
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