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Front end

Proposal for components comprising the frontend of

  • The wiki at and That's what you're using at the moment.
  • The portal at Currently documentation is missing for guiding people through the process of working with tags could be a reasonable start.
  • Statistics allowing developers to see what tasks are open, allowing users to see how developers are rated, etc.. Proposal for implementation: It could be possible to have the statistics generated by CGIs whose output is made available for embedding in wiki pages that could be integrated with the proposed portal.
  • A simple form allowing users to specify mailing lists, news groups, web fora, and collections of web pages that they want to see parsed by the backend. Again, thois could be integrated into the portal. Proposal for implementation: In the beginning, these request could probably be handled manually. Eventually, a (semi-)automatic mechanism would probably be a better solution.

Portal miscellanea:

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