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Google Answers is a service provided by Google that works roughly as follows. Someone posts a question and specifies how much he wants to pay for it. Then people from the core team selected by Google do the research and post the answer. They will receive part of the pay. Other people may also provide answers ("comments"), but they won't receive pay. However, if they often provide good answers, then their chance for inclusion in the core team rises.

Accomplishement of goals

Accomplishment of the goal set a.0.1:

  • Simplicity: The system seems to be very simple to use. After all, Google struggled a long time until they had something that works reasonably well.
  • Quickness: Judging from the answers, this goal also seems to be met quite well.
  • Good pay: It does not seem to be possible for multiple people to accumulate pay. Also, Google takes a considerable share of the pay as a provision. Still, pay isn't bad, so this goal is met about "half".
  • Trust: Due to how the system is organized, this doesn't seem to be much of an issue. So, the goal of achieving trust between the parties is met quite well.
  • Independence: That's a goal that's not met, for various reasons (cf. Google Answer's Terms of Service):
    • The questions as well as the answers are content that is owned by Google. They may do with it whatever they want, and they don't allow other's to use it.
    • If Google takes the service offline and doesn't open the content, then the public looses all the data, not only the metadata.
    • Google reserves itself the right to censor content, although they avoid the word "censor" in their Terms of Services.

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