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What follows are sets of goals designed to evaluate tag trade systems and compare them to non tag trade systems. Sets of Goals are versioned, using the following scheme:



$branch: This may be any string matching the regular expression "[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*". Create your own branch, if you don't aggree with the goals expressed in any existing branch. A good place for discussing goals are the discussion groups.
$branch_version: The format of the branch version is up to the people maintaining the branch.

Set a.0.1

  • Simplicity: The system should be simple to use.
  • Quickness: Tasks should be finished quickly.
  • Good pay: People taking up tasks, providing services, etc. should get good pay.
  • Trust: The number of disputes should be minimized.
  • Independence: Participants should never be at a single player's mercy.

Set b.0.1

The system should serve the purpose of being an ubiquitous money based rewarding system on the net.

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