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General applications for tag based trading:

  • Development of Free Software. More
  • Consultance. More
  • Content. With the help of tag trading it becomes simple to finance on demand creation of content (e.g. for wikis) on a peer to peer basis.
  • Science. Example: Someone may be happy if he can delegate a tedious calculation to someone else, especially if that calculation cannot easily be done by a machine.
  • Arts. Example: People may be approached to compose individual cell phone ring tones for a little pay. Others may be approached for creating icons and doing graphic design for software or web sites.
  • Politics. More.
  • Education. More.
  • Development of proprietary software and content: Perhaps.
  • Trading and auctioning of material goods: Perhaps.
  • Development of web services: People could be motivated to invest time into developing and/or offering (highly specialized) web services.
  • Various tedious tasks: Example: People may get paid for scanning books for Project Gutenberg.

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