Quick start guide for solution seekers


Be sure to always rate your trade partner, in this case the solution provider. Rating information is important to build a system of trust that helps participants in tag trade evaluate trade partners. The rating should reflect your overall satisfaction with the trade partner. This includes - among other things - the quality of his solution and e.g. the response time when being asked questions.

Sample message:

I'm quite satisfied with the work done by
developer Bob. The solution he provided to
the problem described in <urn:X-trade:task:
from=foo@bar.baz;date=2006-04-09:a.0.1> is of
good quality. However, it took him several
days to respond to one of my questions. Thus,
I decided to give him a rating of 0.7.

- Alice


Another sample message:

Nothing to complain.  Bob did a good job.  I
give him a rating of 0.9.

- Lisa


Learn how to create such a message.

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