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Be sure to always rate your trade partner, in this case the person who specified the task and the persons who intended to pay you, and who hopefully did that. Rating information is important to build a system of trust that helps participants in tag trade evaluate trade partners. The rating should reflect your overall satisfaction with the trade partner. This includes - among other things - the quality of the task specification, payment behavior, and e.g. the response time when being asked questions.

Sample message:

I'm not entirely satified with Alice's
behavior as a trade partner: She complained
that the extension had no pretty installer,
but that wasn't part of the specification.
Finally I gave in and wrote the installer.
On the other hand, in the end she paid
promptly, and I received the maximum pay: 30
EUR.  I give her a rating of 0.6.

Lisa paid me 10 EUR without any complaints. I
give her a rating of 0.85.

- Bob



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